Everything a Lady Is Not

Lucy is the granddaughter of a late duke but has been raised by a dapper highwayman, a man who teaches her to despise society. Henry is the banished third son of an earl working for the Bow Street Horse Patrol to prove his worth to his disdainful brother in hopes of reentering society. When a spectacular heist throws Lucy and Henry together, the sharp animosity between them and wildly divergent views on society cause sparks to fly.

When Henry learns that Lucy is from a noble house, he returns her to the duchess rather than sending her to the gallows. There, they learn that to save Lucy’s sizable dowry and the fortunes of the widowed duchess, she must marry a suitor with a royally-bestowed title within three months. Worse, the duchess presses a reluctant Henry into the role of preparing Lucy for those high-society suitors. As the education progresses, Lucy and Henry spar in an epic battle of wills that slowly melts the ice between them.

The burgeoning relationship, though, faces mammoth obstacles. How can Lucy choose between loving Henry and relegating the duchess to misery? Will her unintended role in the heist come to light and send her to the gallows? How will she ever measure up to a society for which she is wholly unprepared and cannot abide? And can Henry overcome his desire to climb the social ladder to love a woman seemingly raised by wolves?